The Great Aborted Bicycle Tour?

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On a beautiful June day last “summer”,  I was heading up the country to do a few gigs.   I was somewhat unhappy about getting into my car to drive several hundred miles to sing songs about climate change.  Especially as my windows wouldn’t open and I don’t have air conditioning!
At some point on this hot and sweaty drive, I conceived the rather brilliant idea of doing a bicycle/performance tour.  I was very enamoured of this idea and hadn’t been able to let go of it despite its being highly ridiculous for a woman of my advancing years and precarious health.

This is what happens when you stay out in the rain!

Hadn’t been able to let it go until yesterday that is.  Yesterday, it was cold and wet all day – today it’s the same, and it will most likely be like this for much of  the “summer”.
If you think I’m being melodramatic here, you’re probably not living in Ireland!

Today I have visibility of about 5 metres out my window.  And yes, we’ll get the odd few nice days, but that’s not really enough is it?
Ask my squash plant here.

It’s not that I’m afraid of rain, it’s simply that when you have rain, cold and wind, and an intermittently sweating body, you have a recipe for colds, sore throats, flus, pneumonia and the black death all at once.  In addition, the tendency to grip the handlebars harder in these conditions precipitates tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, paralysis of the lower arm and ultimately amputation.

So can you see where I’m going with this?

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