I’m Going Home

She looked out of the window and decided it was time
So she opened up the stained glass and she walked out of her mind  

Out across the open fields and through the photographs
Through the memories and the stories of the way she used to laugh  
And the way she used to lie                  
Oh then down over the hillside where she stumbled on a name
That screamed, “the memory of eden, it’s the colour of my shame
But now I, I, I’m going home”                

Being weary of her clothes, she flung them to the ground
And then staring at her nakedness said I will not be bound
By this fear here of my skin or the sophistries of cloth
It is nakedness not prayers I need to stand before my God
Then taking Jesus for a lover and Buddha for a friend
She stepped into the darkness and said “I will be born again
But now  I, I, I’m going home”

So tell the man with the flowers in his arms
To take the sadness from his face
And the girl with the cause in her lapel not to sell me grace
And tell the lady whose found Jesus, to keep him to herself
I’ll find him for myself
Coz everything’s a miracle, everything’s a sign
When you’re looking through the stained glass that you take now for your mind
Oh but your eyes     

She reached into the emptiness where she caught a blade of grass
And she found it was more beautiful than all of the stained glass
And one by one she beheld these descendants of the sun
And fell into the mysteries of all they had become
Then like lovers through the night she held them to her skin
And found they were remembered by all she’d held within
That cried “I, I , I’m going home”

So tell the man with the flowers in his arms
To take the sadness from his face
And the girl with the cause in her lapel not to sell me grace
And tell the lady whose found Jesus, I’ll find him for myself
Can’t find nobody else
Coz everything’s a miracle and the word it comes alive
When the beauty of the stained glass it is opened to the skies
And then our eyes


The Square Root of Two

See that river flowing, it don’t pay no mind to my years
Wise men sit by the river and tell us they can sell us a cure for our fears
You can put a dam on that river, you won’t bother it long
You just find yourself sitting in a stagnant pool and the thing you wanted is gone
But don’t be listening to me, don’t believe it coz I say
Everybody’s got to find out their own way
Everybody’s got to learn to reach out, everybody’s got to learn to fall
Everybody’s got to learn they can get what they want and still have nothing at all

Flowers keep on flowering, they say it’s not for me
They got this sweet thing going with the butterflies and the honeybees
And all the reasons why tell us they don’t give a damn
All the reasons why and still I take it where i can
I keep listening to them, but I can’t believe the things they say
Guess we each gotta find it our own way
When they opened the hive it was empty, we argued over what it meant
While the flowers, the bees, everybody but we knew the tree was its own argument

Yeah that river keeps on flowing all full of wonder and pain
Full of nothing to hold on to, all full of noone to blame
Noone walks without wounds here, noone cries without rain
And all the king’s horses and all of his wise men don’t even begin to explain
But you’re not listening to me, you say I make no sense no how
It’s just I got me a real closeup look at reason and I can’t quite believe in her now

Bees keep on flying, who knows how long for?
All the things we relied on, they don’t seem so certain any more
Wise men sit by the river and tell us the only certainty here is change
Wise men should sit in my garden, they’d see the only certainty here is rain – and slugs
Slugs they keep on coming, they come for my carrots and my beans
I used to believe in god and forgiveness ‘til I seen what they done to my greens
But you’re not listening to me, you don’t even see why you should
You learned to count in abstract amounts, now try counting a field that’s in flood
But when the bough breaks, it will be too late, too late then to figure it out
Too late then to figure that the things we’ve been figuring on do not count

Music it keeps coming, who knows where it comes from
Yeah there’s folks who say they know, the same folks who think poems are songs
I try to listen to them, but they keep going around the same tune
It’s like they can’t hear the bend in the river or the dish making out with the spoon
But now you’re turning away from me, you say I make no sense no more
But hey, I used to sleep with reason and logic, it’s just we couldn’t agree on the score
So now I’m doing my own research, my own special theory of nudity
It asks why it is the people who walk around naked are always those we’d prefer not to see

That river keeps on flowing, all full of war and lies
All full of things that don’t make so much sense and the promise of butterflies
Full of horses and wise men, promising to set us free
Emperors that got no clothes and people just don’t want to see
I was taking a break from my research, when I met her one night in a dance
She said “there’s nothing more logical than what is, but truth is a deadly romance”
He ran to the master excited, all full of this new world he’d found
But the square root of two threatened all that they knew, and he was taken to the river and drowned

Coz that’s the way it is with belief, that’s the way it is with power
It’s all peace and love until push comes to shove and you threaten their flags and their towers
That’s the way it is with wise men, that’s the way it is with fools
But that river will turn and the river will rise up and wash away all of our rules
That’s the way it is with rivers, that’s the way it is with the sea
That’s the way it is with songs that go on and one and that’s the way it is with me

Part 2

My garden it keeps growing, another of life’s great constants
All full of brambles and thistles and bindweed and things that I did not plant
The occasional lettuce and carrot, just for diversity
Caterpillars and aphids and slugs, yeah things I’d prefer not to see

Well I looked around for my cabbage, in the place my cabbage used to be
When a caterpillar the very same size as my cabbage said “hello there, it’s only me”
“I was coming to help with your research, your special theory of nudity
When the loveliest cabbage, just begging to be ravished, she insisted I drop in for tea
Well there’s something about a cabbage, I can never resist
Such a depth of desire, it must be hardwired, and she did insist
I told her all about your research, not that she could understand
Cabbages aren’t like you and me, they’re really just plants
But I could tell by her aura that she wanted me to go on
And one leaf after another and, well pretty soon she was gone

But right before she passed on, she suggested you might want to explore
The strange correlation between the things that they’re saying and the people who’re setting the score

She said “the square root of two is neither false nor true
And the truth of my death is a lie
It may look like I’m gone but you know I live on
To be a most beautiful butterfly!”


I Choose What Is

I choose love, over all that stands between us, I choose love
And the courage now to heal this, I choose love
Though my heart be sore and my head it says “no more”
If you want me too I could work it out with you
And we could choose love

I choose now, to be unto the mystery, I choose now
Of what comes alive within me, here and now
And oh the nights are long, these storms go on and on
Still my only song is I choose right now

So let tomorrow come, and all her songs be sung
Until this night is done, I choose this one

I give thanks, for all I have been given I give thanks
For this precious life I’m living I give thanks
In all now that I am
And all I cannot understand
I bow my head in acceptance and I give thanks

 I choose this, over hope and over promise, I choose this
Over comfort and solace I choose this
In my joy and in my pain
In all I cannot change
Still my prayer remains, I choose what is

So keep your promises of love and happiness
I have no faith but this, I choose what is


Every particle in your body and every particle in mine is traceable back through plants, rocks, sun and ancient stars to a common origin in those first moments some 13.7 billion years ago –

 In the Beginning, We Were One – Do You Remember Me?