How to Manifest a Woman!

And other songs and stories you will never hear on the radio!

“How to Manifest a Woman” is a light-hearted, DIY guide to manifesting a low-cost, carbon-neutral woman in an era of declining resources.

As we move into a post-carbon age of energy scarcity, we need to start asking ourselves how we will find mates when the usual fossil-fuel burning activities associated with this process (driving, flying, internet dating, etc.) are no longer an available to us.

As an act of selfless service to the world, I have decided to dedicate myself to researching and developing a carbon-neutral approach to manifesting love without ever having to leave the comfort of one’s own home.

“How to Manifest a Woman” is the culmination of my research thus far,  and I am happy to share it with all who believe, like me, that finding love should be a fun, life-enhancing and carbon-neutral activity.

100% success guaranteed !

Catherine Cunningham is a West-Cork based singer/songwriter poised on the brink of international stardom and already huge in Ballydehob.  The songs in this show are political, ecological, humorous and more than mildly irreverent at times!