How Long?


Due in large part I’m sure to the fact that I wasn’t paying for it, (and so not counting the hours or the mistakes), this was, for me, one of those rare “no stress” recording experiences.   Also, I had no great expectations or ambitions for getting the “best recording possible”, which you do when you go to a studio.  My objective was simply to get a decent video of a performance of this song to share on “youtube” by the Solstice.
However, as Dan, the bass player and “sound-man extraordinaire” says of himself “I don’t do things by halves”.  He borrowed some nice mics, I borrowed a mic, we had a borrowed soundcard (recording interface), he set the stuff up and pretty soon we had a full-on recording setup going. In the meantime, the video boys, Colm and Owen set about reorganizing my living room under the guise of “setting their stuff up”. I was in the kitchen teaching Anna (who’s not in the band) the tune and rehearsing with Tim and Siobhan.
We all gathered in the living room, the boys pressed “record” on their various devices and an hour or so later we had a respectable recording to work with.
Dan did some mixing, Colm did some editing, Owen fecked off to Dublin  .  . . .   and we had it up for the Solstice.

I hope you like it!  Please share it if you do .  .

There’s background info on the song under the video.

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