Bothering the Dead

Bothering the Dead – A reckoning with the Ancestors   (70/90 mins approx.)

When Catherine receives a transmission from a tomato plant describing her parents as  liars and murderers, she is forced to reconsider the legacy of being part of a good Irish Catholic family.  She subsequently discovers a generations-deep conspiracy to banish the natural world from our seeing, and so decides it’s time to confront her long-dead Granny!

Catherine challenges her Granny to justify her loyalty and devotion to a religion of “warmongers, witchburners, slave drivers and child sodomizers – all praying to the same god as you”.

After warning her “not to come around here bothering the dead”, her Granny and the Virgin Mary lure Catherine down through the pain of her cultural and family herstory and then into  her own personal psyche where she is shown how she too has made a bargain not to see – and how this has come at a far greater cost than she ever anticipated . . . .

Songs, Stories, Rants and Revelations, Visions and Transmissions …..  what more could you ask for in an evening’s entertainment?